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Leadership through unchartered waters

By now, you have experienced the effects of the unfortunate, inconvenient, and devastating pandemic. It’s confusing, debilitating, and unpredictable. It feels like uncharted waters. It feels like a storm.

In storms, we have a few choices. You sink. You swim. Or. You choose to be the Captain.

Here’s the thing: All captains appear to be good captains when the waters are still. Any captain with the right skills can steer a ship through perfect conditions: a light breeze, smooth waters, and the sun is shining. (Goodness, I’d love to be the passenger on a ship with great conditions right about now!)

Rough seas are not to experience, let alone lead! Not only are you navigating dark and unknown waters, but you are navigating others emotions on your boat too. But you see, it is rough seas that make great Captains. It is the rough seas that best teach us the leadership ropes and how to round up our crews.

Ships in port may be safe, but it is not what ships are made for. Ships were made to sail, to explore, and make it to their destination. We are made for so much more than just waiting for storms to pass by sitting at port.

Feeling like there’s nowhere to go? Well Cap’n, keep reading.

You see, more than just steering, great Captains chart their course. They create vision for their team, examine all routes, listen to his crew, figure out what’s best and safest, and set their sail in the direction of their goal. So what is your goal exactly? Where do you want your business or organization to be at the end of COVID19? What do you want your role to look like when it's all said and done? What can you get out of this time that you couldn’t have in another reality where COVID19 didn’t exist.

I am quite frankly tired of hearing COVID19 or Coronavirus. I want to hear these three C words more: Compassion. Creativity. Constructive.

Most see storms as scary, and I am not here to tell you that storms, and COVID19 isn’t terrifying. There hasn’t been a day that has gone by that I haven’t thought of those who don’t have access to the right resources, have a strong enough immune system, or can control whether they are at a higher risk of coming in contact with COVID19.

I keep coming back to Matthew 6. “Therefore I tell you: Do not worry... Your heavenly Father knows what you need… Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all of these things will be provided for you. Do not worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself.”

We are called to have a faith bigger and greater than our own. Being fearful and anxious is robbing us of the strength and the Joy that is within us. Cast your worries at the Lord, and he will only yourself to only have space for good things at heart. Compassion, Joy, Creativity, Strength, Courage. Because let me remind you: this storm has nothing on the Faith that is inside you.

I want to hear more stories of businesses, organizations, and individuals using this time to be more compassionate towards one another and the people they lead, be more constructive in how they work and serve others, and be creative with new opportunities and goals. There are fresh skies ahead, Mates. Choose Faith, Choose Joy, Take Courage and let’s use this time to be better Captains on the other side.


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