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When she grows up

I remember the pride I used to feel when telling people my mom was a nurse. Whether it was stories of her patients, late night family-friend calls with sick-kid questions or as camp nurse handing out heart beamed watching her use her gifts. It instilled a seed in me that I too could one day use my gifts and be a mom at the same time.

Finley’s ideal future vocation changes monthly - sometimes weekly (my favorite dream of hers so far: a professional basketball player.....I am 5’5”). But her most recent aspiration has been to work at @esp_inc. She told me this weekend, “Mom, I need to take your place when you get old. I think I would be great at it.” I looked in those big blue eyes, my heart smiling at what she will accomplish in the years to come, and responded to her, “ I have no doubt that you can, and you will.” Whether taking my place, or doing something very different, I love watching her dream for her future while watching generations who have come before her.

Mommas: let’s keep planting seeds— one day our kids will rule the world, in whatever profession or capacity that may be, and the days of daycare drop offs, prepackaged meals and conference calls in carpool will all be worth it.

Any other hilarious child profession dreams out there? PS: I’m still dreaming about what I want to be when I grow up too.


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